Maybe it’s not Hulu’s Fault

So NBC, Fox and Disney want to pull their content from Hulu.

I get it. Hulu is taking valuable web traffic away from NBC, Fox and Disney. So to make sure they are getting the most out of their web experiences, they want to pack up their content and go home.


Did they consider why viewers are going to Hulu rather than their respective sites? Probably not. So I will.

I believe that you should make it as easy as possible for your customers or fans to get what they want. Ease of use or access is an important piece of the brand experience. Regardless of how awesome the food is, terrible service can sink a restaurant.

Hulu is an entertainment hub. One site where a person can easily track and watch their favorite shows regardless of the network that broadcasts them. It’s simple to navigate, and other than a few commercials, promotion free. Why go to multiple, promotion-laden sites to just watch the shows? I don’t care about the next episode of “The Cape” or deleted scenes from “The Office,” I just want to get to the episode of “Chuck” that I missed.

Networks could be mistaking what brand their viewers are loyal to. I have yet to hear anyone talk about the great NBC line up last night. However, I do hear people ask, “did you see ‘The Office’ last night?”

Pulling content from Hulu will not doom these networks or their shows loyal fans. Hulu is just one channel, but it does have a following of their loyal fans. It’s just something to consider.